Racing Art - Le tableau personnalisé de votre voiture - The personalized picture of your car



Alu Dibond is a composite material at the same time resistant, stiff and light. It consists of 2 fine aluminium sheets surrounding a pit in polyethylene of high density on 3mm. Modern and elegant, Alu Dibond is rot-proof, stainless and indeformable. He can be so indoor collided as outdoor. The printing is realized here in the mass for a better resistance in scratches.
Characteristics of Dibond are its resistance in UV radiation, in corrosion and its impermeability.
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Plexi chosen by Racing Art is an assembly of 2 Plexi, the one transparent of 8mm, the other black. The printing is realized in the back of transparent Plexi, bringing the characteristic depth and the luminosity of the printings on Plexi. The black second Plexi is then plywood behind Plexi of printing. It allows to avoid the effect of transparency on the clear tones and brings certain level of finish. Finally, a polishing of slices is realized, to obtain an exceptional finish. (...) READ MORE


A canvas print is a digital photo which is printed on real canvas that is then stretched over a wooden frame. Placing the subject around the wooden frame adds a three-dimensional aspect to the artwork emphasises its artistic expression.
Drawings are printed on a cotton fabric 360 gr / m2 and taken up on a guaranteed wooden frame without deformation of 40mm. The stability of colors in the light is of 200 years, without direct exposure of the sun. Protection factor of the fire: B2
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A 420 gr banner fireproofed M1 with eyelets for the support, ideal to decorate your paddock or your garage. Resistant and easy to maintain.
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Photo Poster

The poster is probably the most economic way to turn a digital image file into a large format print. Thanks to new materials and modern printing techniques, we realize your printings to post on some semi-matt paper 270 g/m² as photo laboratory.
Size available
; Rectangular 3:2 ; Square 1:1 ; Panoramic 3:1 ; 40 x 60 cm ; 40 x 40 cm ; 60 x 20 cm ; 50 x 75 cm ; 50 x 50 xm ; 90 x 30 cm ; 60 x 90 cm ; 60 x (...) READ MORE